The Labrador Retriever gets straight to work

Once it’s plugged into your mains and router, it constantly tracks your household’s energy use against whatever’s happening in the market. If there’s a better deal for you, the Retriever will find it. Then, Labrador can make the switch for you automatically, or we can send you a recommendation.

We’re independent

We don’t work with specific suppliers for financial gain – we work first and foremost for you.


No surprises

You have 24/7 access to your home’s energy use, so you can see exactly what we’re basing our advice on.

Proper savings

We’re always working with accurate data, so we never make hollow savings projections.

Labrador: the step-by-step guide

1. Getting started

We don’t need any details about your current energy set-up (because the Retriever will do the legwork when it gets there), so it takes less than a minute to register. There’s just one important thing we need to know…

2. Do you have smart meters?

Smart meters send digital readings to suppliers so they can provide you with accurate (not estimated) bills. There’s one for gas and one for electricity. As part of a national energy efficiency drive, the government has said that every household in Great Britain should have them by 2020.

3. Plugging in

If you already have smart meters, we’ll just send a Retriever in the post (it fits through letterboxes), with instructions for plugging it in. If you need smart meters, watch this space as we’ll be launching an exclusive offer soon. Sign up to hear about it first.

4. A little internet magic

We’ll pair the Retriever with your smart meters remotely. You never have to read a meter again.

5. Your Labrador account is open for business

Log in to set a few preferences. For instance, you can set a “minimum savings trigger” – an amount you’d require us to save you before we’re permitted to proceed with a switch. So, if your trigger is £100, your Retriever won’t switch tariffs unless it’s going to save you at least £100 a year.

Want to know more?

Read about how it works or click the box below to order your Labrador Retriever. It won’t take long.

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Frequently asked questions

What else do I need to know about smart meters?

Smart Energy GB was appointed by the government to help everyone get to grips with smart meters. Have a read of their independent advice here. If you still have questions, we’re happy to talk about it too. Give us a ring on freephone 0800 689 1243

How does Labrador make money?

In exactly the same way as a price comparison website. Energy suppliers pay a fee for each new customer and this covers the cost of our service. You lose nothing.

Does Labrador have access to every single supplier?

Soon, Labrador will announce a partnership with one of the best price comparison websites. This will give us access to all the tariffs and suppliers they have deals with.

How does Labrador use my information?

Any information about you and your energy use remains confidential at all times unless you ask us to share it (for instance, to set you up with a new supplier). Our full privacy policy is here.

I don’t want to be switching every five minutes. What choices do I have?

Lots! We do all the work but you’re in control. Via your online account, you can choose: how you’d like to pay, your preferred fuel mix, what customer service ratings you’d be hoping for and whether you prefer fixed or variable contracts. Plus, you can set a minimum savings trigger. Then, you can either appoint us to switch on your behalf, or to send you our switch recommendation, which you can then accept or dismiss.

I don’t have a smart meter – if I register now, how long will you take to install one?

If you’re switching to a tariff for fast-tracked smart meter installation, the switch takes just under four weeks.

Want to ask a few more questions?

Home energy is an overwhelming topic, but we’re here to change that. So, if there’s anything you’d like know, contact us.   

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We’re available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:30pm on freephone 0800 689 1243, or you can message us using the form.

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