Smart, smarter or smartest?

Our service works for everyone. But how it works, is up to you.

We are smarter than the average price comparison site because we are…


If you already have a smart meter, this is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up – you will be asked if you already have a smart meter, which energy supplier installed it and whether you’re still with that supplier. If you don’t know the answer to anything, there is the option to choose “don’t know” and we can investigate. If you have lost smart functionality, don’t worry. We can fix this too.
  2. Still smart – once you have completed your Labrador account, we will post you the Labrador Retriever with instructions on how to plug in (it will take you 30 seconds tops!). Pairing to your smart meters is organised by us with your energy supplier. They can do this remotely without you having to do anything. All installing suppliers are mandated to connect the Retriever within a reasonable time frame and free of charge. But the customer experience can vary. Good suppliers will connect it next day and others can take months. We are working with the government and the slower suppliers to agree better processes. If you are with one of the slower energy suppliers, we will email you some options as to what you can do to speed things up.
  3. Lost smart – if you have switched to a supplier and it has gone into dumb mode we won’t send out a Retriever straight away. Rather we will be in touch with your options as to how to restore smart functionality – don’t worry, several options are available to you and as soon as you choose one, the Retriever will be in the post.


If you don’t have a smart meter, but want one earlier than the government 2020 deadline, this is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up – in your Labrador Account, there is a section called “Switching Preferences”. Ensure the default “Get me smart ASAP” is kept highlighted and as soon as there is a tariff cheaper than your current one that comes with a fast-tracked smart meter installation, we will switch you.
  2. What to expect next – once we have notified you of the switch it takes about 3 weeks to go through. As soon as it has completed, your new energy supplier will contact you to book in your installation appointment. How fast you get your meters depends on your availability to be home to let the engineer in, plus the supplier’s installation resource in your area. It generally takes somewhere between 2 weeks to 2 months.
  3. When will I get the Retriever? – as soon as your smart meters are installed, we will post this out to you (it fits through the letterbox) with instructions on what to do next – your bit is easy and will take you seconds, the more complex bit is managed by us and your new energy supplier. After you have plugged the Retriever in, it should be connected in about 1 week. We will notify you when it’s all up and running.


If you don’t want a smart meter, this is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up -in your Labrador Account, there is a section called “Switching Preferences”. Click to change the default from “Get me smart ASAP” to “I don’t want a smart meter.” It will be highlighted blue when you have successfully changed it. You can always change your mind in the future but you do not have to have a smart meter to use the Labrador service.
  2. Your starting tariff – to start with, the accuracy of our service depends on what information you choose to give us. You can upload a bill if that’s quickest, else pick your existing supplier and tariff name in your Labrador account.
  3. Your usage – without the Retriever, we will initially rely on you to tell us your usage. Again, you can upload a recent bill, else there are a number of quick options you can choose – similar to what you might have seen on other comparison sites. However, we are adding a new feature for customers like you soon, which will mean our service can be easier, more accurate and hassle-free. We will keep you updated on this exciting development!

Why the Labrador Retriever?

A quick reminder of the key benefits of getting a Retriever:

  1. Accurate – tariff recommendations always depend on your usage. Obtaining it directly from the meter means there is no extra work required to make our service accurate and personalised to you. And if your usage changes for any reason (new insulation, new baby, unexpected weather change, your household trying to be more energy efficient), you don’t need to let us know. Our service will automatically and continuously adjust to whatever you do.
  2. Hassle-free Plus – not only can Labrador initiate and process switches automatically, but you never need to send closing and opening meter reads again!
  3. Transparent – never be left mystified as to whether a savings projection will hold true, you can see your usage and cost in your Labrador account 24/7 for the first fully transparent switching service in Great Britain!

How does the Retriever work with your smart meter?

Watch this short video to find out!