Smart, smarter or smartest?

Our service works for everyone. But how it works, is up to you.

We are smarter than the average price comparison site because we are…

Personalised and Automatic

Our service is personalised as we offer smarter ways to measure your home’s energy usage so we can more accurately tailor tariff recommendations.

Our service is automatic because we check the market and process the switch without you needing to do anything. We never switch without alerting you every time.

You choose which service suits you:


I don’t want a smart meter

Fine with us. You have two choices. Either grab your latest bill and add your energy usage to your Labrador account, or leave it to us and we will estimate your usage to work out your first switch. Then sit back and relax knowing it’s the last time you ever need to think about switching again.

  • Accuracy depends on the information you choose to add to your Labrador account
  • No manual data entry post sign up – either one click to accept a switch or go auto with the right to cancel
  • Access to almost double the suppliers compared to some
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I want a smart meter

When you set up your Labrador account you can request a fast-tracked smart meter installation and your first switch will be to a supplier that will install one free of charge. No more hanging around for your existing supplier to organise it.

  • All the benefits of Smartest after your first switch
  • First switch accuracy depends on information you add to your Labrador account
  • Your choice to prioritise smart meter now or whenever it’s cheapest
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I have a smart meter

We send you a free Labrador Retriever in the post. Once it’s plugged into your mains and router, the Retriever tracks your household’s energy use against the market. When a better deal is found, Labrador can make the switch for you automatically, or we can send you a recommendation.

  • Fully accurate
  • Automatically adjusts to any change
  • Fully personalised
  • Fully transparent
  • Accurate bills
  • No meter reads – no opening/ closing reads on a switch
  • No manual data entry post sign up – either one click to accept a switch or go auto with the right to cancel
  • Free Labrador Retriever
  • See usage and cost 24/7
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Smart meter myth busting

Smart meters won’t work with any supplier

Your smart meter can stop working if you switch away from the installing supplier, taking you back to manual meter reads. But not with Labrador! The Labrador Retriever solves this issue by keeping your smart meters smart, so you are free to access any cheap deal and end unfair lock-in to an expensive installing supplier.
No need to wait until the next generation smart meter.

My smart meter has already stopped working, so I can’t use your service

No problem. We can advise you on how to restore smart functionality.

Energy suppliers will be able to turn off my appliances

They can’t. Your protection from getting cut off is the same with smart meters as traditional meters.

They are unsafe

Public Health England sees no risk or dangers to health from smart meters. The smart meters used in Britain have undergone one of the most rigorous safety testing regimes and exceed every UK and EU safety standard.

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