Smart meters

To take advantage of the great savings Labrador can offer you on your energy bills, you need to have installed smart electricity and gas meters. Most people won't currently have them but it's not a problem because Labrador can ensure they're installed for you for free. We cover this as part of our sign up process, including being able to help you if you're unsure if you have smart meters already or not. Smart meters are part of a government programme - both the meters themselves and the installers all meet government standards. 

Government approved

The government has agreed that all households in Great Britain should have smart meters installed by 2020 but we can arrange for them to be installed for you at your convenience and completely free of charge - don't wait until 2020 to unlock the benefits!

All smart meters meet the same government technical specification and all expert installers have the same specialist qualifications and follow the same code of practice. 

What are the benefits?

Smart Energy GB has been appointed by the government to help everyone understand why smart meters are being offered and what the benefits are. They include never having to do manual meter reads, putting an end to estimated bills and seeing your energy costs in pounds and pence as you use it. Feel free to check out their independent guidance here or get in touch and we can talk you through it. 

How does the switching service work?

You will be invited to set your switching preferences (payment type, fuel mix, supplier customer service rating, fixed or variable contract) plus how frequently you wish to be alerted to switch (such as by setting a minimum savings trigger) in your account. Plus you can choose to appoint us to switch on your behalf (we will always email you with tariff details and track your tariff history in your account), else we can email you with a link to the switch recommendation, where you can simply have "one click" to accept or dismiss. 

What happens after I sign up?

If you are switching to a tariff as part of your sign up, it generally takes about 3 weeks for that switch to go through. If you need smart meters, you will then be contacted by an engineer to book in a time that suits you. This can take on average between 1-4 weeks. If you already have smart meters, we send you out a Labrador Retriever in the post. You simply have to plug it into a normal electricity socket, and plug an ethernet cable into your home broadband router (we will send you instructions and be available by phone or email if you need any help). Then we will remotely pair the Retriever to your meters, after which you will see your usage information in your Labrador account.

What exactly does Labrador do with my energy information?

First of all, any information about you and your energy use remains confidential at all times unless you ask us to share it. This is all covered in our privacy policy which you can check out in detail here. Energy comparison and switching needs to know your usage in order to determine whether a tariff is suitable for you. Instead of you having to find old bills, working out of they're estimated or not, or filing out pages of generic information about your household every time you think to switch, we automatically access your usage from your meters so we can provide you with an accurate service that takes away all the hassle. Find something better to do with your time! Whilst having the potential to save £100's per year for free.

Fully transparent

If you want, you can see your own energy consumption and cost at all times, in your secure Labrador account which you can access on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, even when you're not at home. Check whether the kids have turned up the heating after you have left the house... or that nothing is amiss whilst you're on holiday. We will chart your usage against a forecast budget, which takes into account decades of historical seasonality data and your own usage - for a bespoke insight into what you should be paying and whether your direct debit is set to the right amount - there is more than one way you can be overcharged by your energy supplier! You can also see your progress towards realising the anticipated switching saving. With Labrador there are no empty promises nor smoke and mirrors.

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