How the dream began...

Labrador was started by Jane Lucy. Jane is passionate about how technology can empower consumers to bring about needed change. After working with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, creating the first collaborative communities around money and land, plus taking on the supermarkets about sustainability, chickens and fish, she wanted to turn those skills to a market which arguably needs most change of all: energy.

Labrador, smart meters and the energy market

We are all energy consumers who are forced to accept what energy companies give us and so have all experienced the pains of arbitrary price hikes, intrusive sales calls and billing issues; with our trust in the market at an all time low. But we're convinced we're on the verge of, finally, being able to change all that. The answer we have been waiting for is smart meters, which the government has mandated are to be installed in all households in Great Britain by 2020. This means that consumers will gain control of their own energy consumption information which they, and not energy suppliers, own. Labrador's sole purpose is to help people use this information to create a more competitive energy market. We are independent of energy suppliers and are dedicated to treating each consumer as an individual with individual energy needs.

Our first task is to simplify and make reliable energy comparison and the opportunity for switching. Less than 10% of all energy consumers switched last year and 80% of people have never switched, despite there having been price differences in the market up to £700 per year! The Competition and Markets Authority, Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have made clear that the easiest way for consumers to unlock fairer pricing is to switch. So our first task is to make that easy, without the pressure and hassle of energy salesmen making irritating and intrusive telephone calls...

But we haven't stopped there. If smart meters offer such benefits to consumers, why do only 10% of all households currently have them? We want consumers to be empowered to be proactive and have choice. So rather than waiting until the end of 2020 to get them, Labrador is making them available now which will be installed free of charge at a time to suit you. Signup for more information on how you can get a smart meter installed. 

Join us in our consumer revolution.



Our team

Jane Lucy, Founder and CEO

Not only is Jane's background in consumer campaigns, she is also a lawyer which comes in handy in unpicking energy regulation.

Joe Mangion, Chairman

Joe's background is in utilities and fund management, with experience in growth companies.

Stephen Beynon, Non Executive Director

Stephen used to be Managing Director of British Gas Residential, responsible for delivering energy to over 9 million customers and for the development and roll out of their smart metering strategy.

Eric Wilkinson, Non Executive Director

Eric is the Chief Investment Officer for Hambro Perks, one of Labrador's investors, and former Head of Consumer and Retail at JP Morgan and Bain & Co.

Clive Beharrell, Non Executive Director

Clive's background is in retail and marketing, having been chairman for companies like Fat Face and Crew Clothing. His first business, The Innovations Group, facilitated the UK's first online retail transaction.

Technology Partner and CTO

We have partnered with a global technology company who is committed to revolutionising IT and creating positive social change, experienced with blue chip companies to deliver secure and scalable solutions.